Joe Lima
The Structure of Interference


October 10 to November 14, 2015

This latest series of woodcut blocks and prints is a result of an ongoing process of collecting random visual information over the past few years. After this phase of collecting I rearranged and manipulated the image to form a final narrative sequence. The images are derived from varies sources, but I usually I focus on existing photos of large interiors to micro spaces. The working phase is to understand and draw what I call “The Form of Light” in which I draw only the shapes of light onto the wooden boards. The final phase is to carve each individual shapes. This allows me the endless possibilities of creating the spatial coordinates and the visual atmosphere that when combined will reveal the final image emerging from the given emptiness of the wooden surface. I also try to create a tension between light and dark regions of space and the constructive and destructive nature of interference.  The structure of interference is not only the element of its physics but also how it creates and changes the known image. It allows for a new visual element and pattern, displacing its original pictorial framework and creating a distended atmosphere and displacement. In the spaces we occupy I feel there is a surrounding presence that when introduced will alter something we recognize and are familiar with. It is this anomalous signal that shifts the normal pattern of things and produces a different environment which can distract and enhance our curiosity. 

- Joe Lima