Joe Lima
Variable Zones


April 20 to May 18, 2019

Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to present Variable Zones, Joe Lima’s fourth exhibition at the gallery. After years of creating large woodcut blocks and prints, this exhibition will present his most recent painting works. This new body of work is a collection of images derived from numerous collages that he created over the last several years. The collages are assembled from a personal archaeology of photos and drawings; depicting architectural spaces, landscapes, and various objects diverted from their usual functions. It is an ongoing process of constructing and deconstructing all this visual material to arrive at a final image. Through the manipulation of the image, his main concern during this process was to show how familiar places seems somehow different and mysterious.

Through this new body of work, Joe Lima was also interested in making visual connections between intricate worlds of space and presence. This presence, not always clearly defined, may provoke a deviation from a normal equilibrium, thus causing tension and uncertainty. Ultimately, the paintings in this exhibition aim to highlight how the presence of objects, figures and shapes can define space and confuse our preconceived notion of place.