Péio Éliceiry


From May 13 to June 23, 2017

Presage of a new day
Already happened.
Light of always
In the infinite shadow.
Cloud of the evening:
Morning sun.
Rumor of a device
Being actioned.
An image as a map
That is turned.

Through the workshop process where each material and intervention becomes significant, the exhibition unfolds. The sensitivity to color, the affinity for simple shapes and the archetypal images lead this body of work. The exhibition is an assembly game where each element establishes its dissimilarity in an eclectic ensemble.

The presage is about the creative mechanics as well as the image made as appearances. These are ideas that materialize. Thus, the artworks can be seen as warning signs or symptoms of a world.

In this world of representations, paintings are devices. They need to be activated to carry out their program. They are instruments that condition and are conditioned by our sensitivity.

Taking ownership of real-life elements through various methods such as the artisanal approach of industrial technical processes, the painter makes his way through the visual diversity and complexity of our time.

- Péio Éliceiry