Caroline Cloutier


February 2nd to March 2nd 2019

Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to be presenting Pliages, a recent series of photographs by Caroline Cloutier, from February 2nd to March 2nd, 2019.

Pliages is a four-part series of photographs that uses an architectonic paper construction and the permutations of its folds as a point of inception. The series presents four views of a folded, unfolded, and re-folded façade, with the resulting perspectival variations offering an ensemble of possibilities. The Pliages series represents the latest instance of Caroline Cloutier’s sustained reflection on multiplicity. In this case, « multiplicity is not that which has many parts, but that which has been folded in many ways. »[1] The shape of the works’ curved supports closely follow the shape of the photographed object, destabalizing our perception of the flattened volumes, which appear to extend outward into space. With Pliages, the artist resumes her investigation of the photographic image as mechanism of spatial construction as well as the different modes of interaction between image, space and perception.

« The world is only a virtuality that currently exists only in the folds of the soul which convey it, the soul implementing inner pleats through which it endows itself with a representation of the world. » - Gilles Deleuze

The artist thanks the Conseil des arts de Longueuil.