Caroline Cloutier
Variations sur le plein et le vide, l'envers et l'endroit


March 3 to 31, 2018

In her recent works, Caroline Cloutier uses the mirror to insert the off-field at the heart of the photographic image and to exploit the surrounding qualities of light to create compositions under the logic of a collage. With the polyptych Variations sur le plein et le vide, l’envers et l’endroit, she cuts out the photographic object and assembles it in multiple permutations, thus creating a work with multiple compositions that can be organized according to certain rules established by the artist. This polyptych of 16 variations, as well as the work Plénitude, are part of the continuity of her previous research (such as the Déploiements series, 2016), where the mirror is used as an extension of the photographic device. An additional ricochet in the production of the image, located between the photographed object and the camera.

The photographs Plénitude et Variations sur le plein et le vide, l’envers et l’endroit were created at a research residency at Gros Morne National Park (St John's, NL), and were supported by The Rooms and Park Canada. The artist thanks The Rooms, Center Sagamie and Atelier Michel Séguin.