Gillian King

Promo 16x9_Gillian King_Sinister Dunes_Cold Wax Medium, Oil, Raw Pigments, Rust Sediments, and Various Plant Materials on Canvas_6x5 ft_2019 copy.jpg

March 9 to April 13, 2019

Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to present Sediment, Gillian’s King first solo exhibition at the gallery. In a process that blends alchemical methods with printmaking techniques and fibre art, King’s painting practice works towards effective methodologies for moving forward in the midst of changing geographical landscapes. All constituent parts of King’s practice are teeming with life and vibrancy, connected through the fulcrum of her own body working with materials at a scale which relates intimately to the range of her gestural movements and embodied experience. King works primarily with her hands in the treatment of her canvases and materials through movements whose choreography can be traced by following the density of graphic forms. Having established a practice working with plants and pigments, King invites metal as a new collaborator in her material practice, allowing the patterns of rust to transfer to canvas in a way that brings to mind the undulating effect of water moving over sand and rock across time.