Jim Verburg
Whatever Form This Moment Takes


April 7 to May 12, 2018


The Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to present Whatever Form This Moment Takes, Jim Verburg’s third exhibition at the gallery.

Amidst the visual noise and clutter that seems to be an increasing and inevitable part of everyday life, the work in the exhibition Whatever Form This Moment Takes offers a much needed respite, a welcomed opportunity to slow one’s gaze and enter a more self-reflective state. Aside from demonstrating a high level of rigorous technique, Verburg, through these works, subtly allows for chance and the un-calculated to reveal itself. The pieces presented here convey highly determined sense of form and composition while simultaneously defying these qualities through a radiating sense of ephemerality. It’s as if the work is reduced to a trace of its former self, inviting our eyes to focus on something that exists somewhere between the material and the immaterial - somewhere between form and spirit. 

- excerpt of the text by Rui Pimenta