Philippe Caron Lefebvre
Mimetic Yoke


January 7 to February 18, 2017

Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to present Philippe Caron Lefebvre's first solo exhibition at the gallery. 

If Nature is and remains central to human considerations, the image that we have of the world is constantly overwhelmed by the contribution of these new knowledges and new technologies. What about natural behavior? In the current context, are we in an approach of mechanical and unconscious reproduction of the past, but also of the future to come? According to a scientific methodology, one way of understanding this world would be to analyze it, measure it and categorize it ...

Philippe Caron Lefebvre pays a specific attention to the notion of evolution through the morphology of species and their instinctive behaviors, while seeking to reflect on the world at the dawn of these new representations. The works presented in his show Mimetic Yoke evoke a relationship that the artist advocates for a formal interest between science fiction and contemporary art. Indeed, the works adopt certain qualities, by angles, geometric facets or iridescent surfaces, worthy of a fictionalized imaginary of the future. This way of working is, on the one hand, an idea of a prototype in which each work is an evolutionary possibility and the affirmation of an aesthetic proper to the artist's universe on the other. In addition, PCL emphasizes the importance of the contamination of forms between themselves, between different practices, namely sculpture, architecture, design or fashion. This contamination has the effect of multiplying the way of perceiving art and the world, until blurring the original sources of references or any association with a continuous art history.

The exhibition Mimetic Yoke sets up a variety of images, drawings, collages and sculptures using various mediums such as paper, ceramic, plaster, polyurethane foam and found objects. This new body of work continues the research initiated by PCL on the possibilities offered by the natural kingdom through its different physical characteristics and phenomena in the form of an ecosystem that presents a portion of the infinity of the world.