Simone Rochon
Fragments et Pourtours


November 21 to December 19, 2015

Simone Rochon’s practice focuses on exploring objects that appear improbable and incomplete, as well as the materiality of architectural constructs. Forms are represented in methodical and meticulous detail, although their very nature remains undefined. Collage and assemblage processes, which are fundamental to her practice, create an illusion of volume and present an assortment of deceptive materials and textures. The selected pieces are cut out and assembled to suggest forms that may be light or heavy, delicate or dense, supple or rigid.In these new series of sculptures and works on paper, the artist investigates the spaces that surround and constitute the boundaries of an object. These perimeters, which are imagined as a variety of surfaces and fragments, in turn become objects in themselves. The exhibition thus consists of works assembled from the most basic elements, with the intention of giving the forms a tangible volume, placing them at the boundary between figuration and abstraction.